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We have a release date!

We are finally there! Klotzen! Panzer Battles will release on April the 27th 2022.

There is a strong mix of emotions in the entire team, with excitement, anticipation and plethora of others. So wish us luck!

Beta testers are very happy with the game, and the consensus is that Klotzen! brings a breath of fresh air to the tried-and-tested Panzer General formula.

We hope you will enjoy alternative history scenarios, new naval mechanics, try out different ways planes can change the course of the game, and despair when the AI cuts of your exposed supply lines.

There are many other improvements, so check our Facebook page and our YouTube channel for details:

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Keeping busy

Hi all,

We are keeping busy trying to get the game ready for alpha testing. Apart from the usual knee-to-neck wading through the swamp of bugs, we are actually doing visible advances in AI behaviors. Base AI air behaviors are done and ready for testing, and AI naval behaviors should be done this week. We have also started the work on implementing the generals, Read more …

Making progress

Hi folks,

Thanks for stopping by! We’ve been cooking a lot behind the scenes: The commanders have finally been added to the game, along with logic for leveling. Commanders can choose a few skills from a large list of skills influencing almost all the unit attributes. Read more …

Alpha testing

Hi everybody,
You will be glad to hear that we have been working diligently to bring the game up to the next level. We have added a ton of new features – new terrains, unit animations, major updates to the game logic (interdiction, minefields, AI logic multithreading to name a few. Check out our site for further game updates at: Read more …

Game features

Klotzen! Panzer Battles is a turn-based operational strategy game set during World War 2. Take the role of one of the WW2 generals and control your units trying to recreate historical battles like the German invasion of Poland – or even change the history by attempting to take London or Moscow.
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