Klotzen Panzer Battles

Klotzen Panzer Battles is a turn based operational strategy game set during World War 2. It puts the players in the position of one of the great WW2 generals and allows them to lead armies fighting in historical battles like German invasion of Poland – or even change the history by attempting to take London or Moscow.

Maps vary from 200 to over 1000 km in scale divided in hexes (15 km in size). Armies consist of historical mix of 500+ unit types divided in 22 different unit classes including infantry, tanks, artillery, fighters, bombers, submarines, battleships and more.

Players exchange each turn trying to achieve victory by attempting to outmaneuver or destroy enemy divisions using a combination of land, sea and air units. The player can choose between more than 70 scenarios describing various historical as well as alternative history (counterfactual) scenarios.

The game is played either in campaign mode, following one nation from scenario to scenario, or as a standalone scenario where any side can be played by the player.


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